Leonardo's Knots

by local author

Caroline Cocciardi

Leonardo’s Knots by Saratoga designer and home builder Caroline Cocciardi focuses on Leonardo’s placement and use of mathematically-inspired knots throughout his art. It tells the story of the hidden messages conveyed by knots that appear in the artist’s most famous works, Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.


“The nonverbal language of drawing knots in a variety of designs and themes appealed to Leonardo so much so that he devoted a lifetime to their exploration,” said Cocciardi.


The coffee table book contains more than 140 drawings, paintings and photographs of the knots that appear in Leonardo’s work, including some new digital illustrations of his most complex knots made by mathematician Dr. Rob Scharein.

“Leonardo’s Knots is an intriguing and impressive journey through Leonardo’s fascination with knots, their mathematical intricacy, and their integration into his art,” according to Santa Clara University professor Don Riccomini. “Leonardo's contemporaries considered him more mathematician than artist, and Cocciardi does a thorough job of showing why through her analysis of the mathematics of the knots he integrated into his paintings.”

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