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Fog Blowing up the Ridge 2016.03.21_P1530294
2013.11.20_IMG_5335 - Misty Redwoods !!!!
Purple Mountains Majesty Saratoga 2016.03.25_P1540820
Wildflowers and Redwoods 2015.04.03_P1060696
Avenue of the Giants Redwood Forest  2015.08.09_P1260020
Henry Cowell Redwoods 2015.05.03_P1090836
2013.09.02_IMG_1122 - Montebello_DoubleRainbow_Peak !!!!
Avenue of the Giants Big Log 2015.06.20 P1170375
Turtle Rock Sunset 2014.03.04_IMG_0716 - OMGFogClearingSunset_LongRidgeTop !!!!
Sunny Hike 2016.04.16_P1600542
2016.02.16_P1480039 - RussianRidge_HawkFlyingVeryLow
2015.06.20_P1170407 - AvenueOfTheGiants_JulieAndBigTrees !!
Lupine Meadow 2016.03.25_P1540652
Long Ridge Rock Trail 2016.04.28_P1640668
Foggy Mountains Santa Cruz  2016.03.21_P1530452
Fog Rolling In 2016.04.28_P1640898
Fog Wisps Oil Creek Canyon 2013 IMG_0626 - FogWispsThroughoutOilCrkCanyon !!!


Bay Area California

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