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    1. Paste the Wall, Silk            Our coated silk wallpaper is made of sturdy and durable non-woven material with a coated silky smooth surface.    -Non-woven material     -Approx. 150 gsm     -Coated silky smooth surface    -Glue applied to wall    -Does not fade in sunlight    -Environmentally friendly    -Fire-rated    -PVC-free            2. Paste the Wall, Matte                Uncoated wallpaper features an extra layer that gives it a matte finish. It is extra-resistant to scrapes and does not reflect sunlight. Perfect for high traffic areas and families with small children.        -Non-woven material                        -Approx. 150 gsm                        -Uncoated smooth surface                        -Extra matte finish                        -Scrape-resistant                        -Anti-reflective                        -Glue applied to wall                        -Does not fade in sunlight                        -Environmentally friendly                        -Fire-rated                        -PVC-free                                    3. Pre-pasted Water-activated                        PVC-free eco-friendly wall-covering with a natural looking, smooth matte finish. Water-activated adhesive backing. Designed for easy application and clean removal.                                    -Smooth matte surface             -Approx. 250 gsm            -Pre-pasted            -Easy to install            -Does not fade in sunlight            -Environmentally friendly            -Fire-rated            -PVC-free                            4. Peel and Stick                                Self-adhesive fine woven textured canvas material made of 100% polyester fabric. Removable and reusable multiple times without damage or residue. No extra tools, glue, paste or water needed for hanging. Won't rip, wrinkle, or tear. It is fire-rated, non-toxic, and phthalate free.                                                -Fine woven textured surface                 -Approx. 300 gsm (100 gsm backing paper, 200 gsm wallpaper)                -Peel & Stick                 -Easy to install                -Removable                -Does not fade in sunlight                -Environmentally friendly                -Fire-rated                -PVC-free                                                                                    Hanging                Edge to Edge / Butt Fit                                                Edge to edge (Butt fit) is the traditional approach of hanging wallpaper. This is where the print is trimmed right to the edges, leaving no gaps, and the paper is simply pasted up without any extra trimming required. Gelato’s wallpaper is trimmed for butt fit—and this is the kind of wallpaper that most people are familiar with hanging on their walls.We provide white-labeled videos that you can share with your customers to enable them with easy wallpaper installation. You can find detailed information on how to install wallpaper here.                        

Wallpaper California Redwoods

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